Tao Te Ching
Sixty Interactive Translations

Mobilewords Limited is a small print and digital media production company based in Mobile, Newfoundland - at the eastern edge of the new world.

Tor Fosnaes, its president, is a writer and editor with 40 years experience in media production and publishing and a concurrent 40 years of study of the Tao Te Ching and the I Ching. His first experience with the Tao Te Ching was Witter Bynner's version and it remains his favourite.

Mobilewords Limited has published several print titles and is about to release a commercial CD-ROM project, No Arrivals, No Departures, based on photographs taken at the Lake Harbour, Baffin Island, Hudson's Bay Company trading post in 1920 and 1921. Recent print titles include Thorfinn Thorhallson's Saga (www.thorfinn.ca), a diffusionist novel about the disappearance of the West Greenland Norse settlement about 1350 A.D.; Where Once They Stood, a gazetteer of over 600 abandoned Newfoundland and Labrador communities (now available in an interactive CD-ROM edition and at www.mobilewords.ca);  Rhymes of a Newfoundlander Commemorative Edition, a poetic anthology celebrating the culture and history of Newfoundland's bog and barrens; and The Salmon Rivers of Newfoundland, a re-publication of Palmer's 1928 guide to the Island's salmon rivers.

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