Tao Te Ching
Sixty Interactive Translations


Point your browser to INDEX.HTM on the CD-ROM or in your directory containing the Tao Te Ching .htm files.

The Chapter index contains a 9 x 9 table with each cell linked to a file containing all versions of that chapter, presented sentence by sentence, each sentence 23 times in each table. Sentence division follows structures provided by the translators, however, some sentences have been further divided to achieve a "best fit". Each sentence is linked through a key line at the top of the table and each sentence is linked back to the top of the file through the Ch. notation in the first cell of each table. The key line links to the Index page, the previous chapter and the next chapter. As well, each interpreter's name links to a complete version by that person. Use the browser back button to return to the chapter file from the complete version.

The Interpreter index contains links to 60 complete versions. All versions are divided into separate chapters and some are further divided into sentences using numbers, e.g. 3.2 is the second sentence of chapter 3. To see any individual chapter click on its number in the 9 x 9 table presented at the top of each version; to return to the top click on the yin-yang symbol at the top of each chapter. A number of alternate versions are presented as downloaded from the Internet in .pdf, .htm, or .mht formats.

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