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The HBC man wore a number of hats. He got to go hunting and boating now and then; he supervised Post labourers and servants in general warehouse and other Post activities, moving goods, storing and baling goods, etc. The Post manager was chiefly responsible for "trading" while other staff took care of "rationing" the Mess, servants, and employees on a regular (weekly) basis and "serving" in the store. All hands kept accounts and maintained logs and journals, such activity, it can be assumed was the epitome of the Post's existence. In the 1920 to 1921 record, Manning appears to be the "regular" rationer and it is no doubt through this constant exposure he mastered Inuktituk. Not all was mudane; lost time accidents and minor illnesses were commonplace and could mean several days recovery. A representative sample from each month, these journal entries illustrate how much a part of everyday life "rationing", "serving", and "trading" were for Post staffers.