Weather summary

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HBC Lake Harbour Post employees maintained a daily record of barometer, temperature (maximum, minimum and observation time) readings, wind speed and direction, and general weather comments between May and early August 1920. There is a gap from then to late November when they start again and run until the third week of March 1921. The August gap happened while the shipping season was in full swing but no reasons can be gleaned for the lack of weather observations until November or for those missing after March 1921.
Wind conditions are missing for 55 of the 396 days, mostly after March 1921 and sometimes for one or two days intervening between slight or calm notations. Temperatures are missing for 201 days; barometer readings for 185 days; winds for 77 days; a comment on the type of day it was, however, is missing only 15 times.
A summary provides a day count for various weather conditions.
Two tables summarize temperatures.
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