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Author's Introduction

These poems result from dabbling at the art for 35 years. There is form, usually following Japanese models, thanks to challenges posed by a dear friend, no longer with us, Albert Ripperger.

After choosing this collection, uncertain as to what to do with all those left over; those that didn't quite make the grade; those that couldn't be revised into something better; they were thrown away.

For those who know me in my real life please take no offence at direct references; for those who don't know me, know I lurk behind a nom de plume because my poetic life is often directly appositive to my real life. it's better you get to know the poet.


31 October 2000

Introduction to the Revised Edition, February 2013

All of a sudden someting called Java applets, which used to power the page links in this slim e-volume, were deprecated and considered a threat to safe internet computing; so the pages have rebuilt HTML coding.

There are several newer works included at the end of the 2000 edition. I hope you enjoy.