The Davie Mystery

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Bradbury and Parsons and Janes report the death of an Inuit named Davie at Lake Harbour in the winter of 1920-1921. The incident is not mentioned in the Lake Harbour Post journal, nor is the name Davie or David mentioned. There is one mention of an Inuit named David in the Wolstenholme Post journal for 31-10-20, but why is his name encloed in quote marks, when no other Inuit names are?:

We hear that the Oppostion gave one of our men a Remington Rifle and Cartridges for a present, this man "David" is one of the most troublesome men we had an we are not at all put out by loosing [sic] him.

Here are the facts as recorded: Note that Stewart took responsibility for shooting ... Pennell missing records Lake Harbour Post journal missing reccords Wolstenholme Post journal missing records